Sunday, September 14, 2008


What spawned from an awesome senior shoot with Zach led to Jared's artsy style...then came the call from Trevor's mom.  She loved the picture's from Zach and Jared's shoot and wanted me to do Trevor's senior pictures.  I excitedly accepted!  It is so neat for me to see these three different and unique.  I am so glad I was able to meet them all.  But back to Trevor.  Talk about a sweet guy.  He wanted to portray the outdoor feel like Zach but trusted me enough to do some of my funky stuff.  You can still see his personality through these though.  I just wish I could get all three of them together to do a best bud shoot or something.  

As usual, the session was a blast for me.  I also think it's neat that Trevor's mom's name is the same as my mom's AND she has a daughter Ali...I don't know if it's spelled the same though.  Thanks guys for everything.  I will always think of my three amigos and hope you guys the best in your senior year!!!!  God bless!








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  1. pretty cool shots if you ask me, an artist extraordinaire...