Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

I always have wondered why they call it labor day when most businesses are closed...nobody is really doing any labor.  Shouldn't it be non-labor day?  Well, you know me, I can't take a holiday or take a rest either.  I have been painting trim and doing laundry on my holiday.  Hopefully I can veg out tonight though.  I wanted to show everyone my office.  I LOVE it!  I feel like I can edit without a cluttered mind.  It's like if my work space is cluttered then my work is cluttered.  Does anybody else feel that way?  I was on this huge organizing and "getting rid of clutter" kick not too long ago.  And though I don't agree with the New Age religion, this site, Zen Habits, helped me SO much to get rid of clutter and learn to be organized and stay organized.  You know what the best part about it's NOT overwhelming!!!  So, check it out if you have a serious clutter issue like I do.  

I have NO idea where my compact flash that had the before pictures of the office on them.  I am so disappointed.  I love giving before and after shots.  WAHHHH!  I will have to ask Dave when he gets home if he knows where it is.  Probably lost in all the clutter that got transferred from my office into the dining and living room.  OK...that's it.  I am going to get on that site as soon as I'm done posting this...enjoy the after pictures anyway... *disclaimer - I didn't edit these but in RAW*

Looking into the office...


My cute little vintage desks I picked up at St. Vinny's awhile back...



My sweet chandelier I got from a secondhand shop and cleaned up...



This old desk I picked up about a month ago in some old man's yard for 3 dollars :)



I loved this desk because it was SO rusty! I wanted to keep the top covered in rust because it was a beautiful color but I didn't want to get tetanus while editing my photos. So I had Dave measure the desk and had Central Glass and Paint cut me a piece. It looks SO cool now. The glass was one hundred bucks so it only cost me 103 dollars for a one of a kind piece!

(Isn't the rain on the window so romantic?)


I love my Apple!


When I was in Florida visiting my parents, my mamma took me to all these amazing antique stores. I bought the antique paper weight and the frog (for flowers back in the day - but now for my pens and pencils) for some purpose in the future. They go perfect now with my vintage desk...


I use these old green filing things to organize my booked clients and my print orders..I think I got these several years ago...


Didn't Dave do an incredible job on the crown moulding? Way to go honey!


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  1. You have such a picture perfect place to have fun with your pictures. I love your style.