Thursday, September 4, 2008

Caught in Action

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot a family in Augusta.  I wanted to let Dave in on the deal if he wanted....I am trying to get into the wedding industry and Dave would be my ideal second shooter.  He has a different eye than me.  I look at his images and I "wow".  So, he jumped at it but we had one little camera, two shooters.  My friend had offered us to use her camera, which was awesome because it's the same as ours...she just got it as a birthday gift and they (meaning her hubby and her) LOVE it.  Dave is used to it and she even went further and offered to watch our kids.  You are AWESOME Dave and Ann!  Thank you so much! The weather looked a bit iffy and I actually missed the call from my client to reschedule...which turned out to be a good thing because the weather was beautiful!  A little chilly but I run around everywhere when I shoot so it felt nice :)

Since I never have another shooter with me, I've never been at risk of having a picture taken of me...taking a picture.  So Dave surprised me mid session with a couple shots...I also snuck one of him.  Isn't he so cute behind a camera?  I just LOVED having him with me.  He had some great ideas and it was just so much fun doing what I love with my love.

Come back to see this beautiful family's sneak peaks :)

Here's Dave, doing some on the side stuff while I had just reloaded another Flash card...


Apparently, Dave said that I would make a pretty good sniper. He said I laid prone the right way naturally...coming from a Cert. Sniper...I take that as a compliment....I can be really sneaky "shooting" people...hahaha I'm such a dork!


This shot I was taking of the family turned out so cute BUT I about fell off the bench onto Grandma taking it...


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  1. My moms knows these people! ( I haven't met them, so I have to refer to them as "these people" because I don't know their names...) Just funny because I was talking to her last night and she told me you were taking their picture. Sorry I delayed you with my call last night! I'm good at that ya know...