Sunday, July 6, 2008

Second shooter training

After church today I was feeling confident about how I looked so I asked Dave if he was ready to take some pictures for me.  I need a good updated picture for my website and he's been buggin' me about getting my pictures taken anyway.  He was up for it then,  but I bet now he doesn't want to be my second shooter.  

I was trying to explain to him how everything works and let's just say that I probably expected too much from him and gave him input overload...poor thing.  But, I think out of the 200 some odd pictures that he took, we got a few keepers.  

By the way, if you don't know how to shoot pictures other than in Auto, I HIGHLY recommend Me Ra Koh's DVD Beyond the Green Box...she explains everything so it makes sense.  This is how I started out.  She offers exercises and tips.  If you want something less expensive than a photography class, I would get the DVD for 30 bucks plus some shipping and handling.  

I usually don't like pictures of myself but after a little editing and yes, I'll admit it...some photoshop trimming on one image, I think they look ok.  Now for me to get down to a size where no trimming is needed...

I found this sweet chair in an alley and had to use it...

This next one is me squatting next to a dumpster near my house believe it or not ;)


  1. Well I think he did a great job - I love the few you put up!

    Totally digging the new picture header on the page too - beautiful :)

  2. you look gorgeous and davelee did a good job, good coaching and i know he is also an incredible artist so his artzy personality will probably continue to blossom, i am so proud of my children and miss you so much :(

  3. love the chair and the photography! you are so beautiful! good job to your husband!