Thursday, July 10, 2008

Michael Ray & Kim

It was as if they were doing an engagement session all over again.  He was mesmerized by her.  And she was totally into him.  From enchanting porch to mosquito infested road, these two couldn't be phased by anything.  

We had some unexpected ambient music at the park thanks to the Great Falls Orchestra...later in the session there was comical relief from the nastiness of the skeeters provided by my awesome sis AKA. Whitney.  She flailed her arms frantically in the air...complete with eye patch.  Kim couldn't stop laughing...I can't tell you how many of those pests I had to photoshop out of the awesome silhouette shot.  There was even one that was attached to Michael Ray's arm!!!  

So, here are the sneak peaks for your viewing pleasure...


  1. pretty awesome work, i'm impressed, and they look in life, love and laughter ... is that a harley???????

  2. Beautiful shoot Ali! I especially LOVE the last one. HOT! And are the mosquitoes just out of control or what?!? I'm back in town and running around like a mad woman...but CANNOT wait to get together for coffee. Shoot me an email and lets set a date! Cin