Saturday, July 5, 2008

Liberty Adventure

Happy  5th....I would say Happy Fourth but that was 16 minutes ago.  Our day included sleeping in, going to bio life to donate, being rejected to donate because it would have been our 3rd donation within 7 days (we can go tomorrow though), going to the river to hang out with some church family, heading over to Michelle's to grill my famous steaks...they were a hit.  After that we cruised on over to the Johnson's to shoot off some fireworks.  

This is where the adventure took place.  The night was so much fun.  I had bought a whole bunch of morning glories from a firework warehouse on our way back from the TN trip last year, so I was glad to see some kids having fun with them finally.  It had been drizzling a little. We were graced by a beautiful rainbow and a hot pink sky before nightfall.  

The kids were lighting bees and blooming flowers and I had some fun tanks and a chicken that pooped out an egg.  

Mr. Matt is a little kid when it comes to fireworks.  He has made this contraption out of pipes and carefully places each mortar thing in with fuses going from pipe to pipe.  It was all quite fascinating actually and brilliant.    It's a system.  He goes to light, sparks start, and he runs away with this big grin on his face.  So, with no limbs lost, I was thinking everything was going quite well.  

Until...towards the end.  Somehow as he was lighting the first fuse, the mortar ball came out and and all I see is Mr. Matt running away with no grin.  I was already bent down lighting something else and see Parker in front of me approx. 15 feet from the ball.  It happened so fast but in slow motion at the same time.  Has that every happened to you?  My first inclination was to get him out of the way.  These are the bigger fireworks mind you.  So as everyone else is ducking and running, I run into a beautiful blue cloud of sparks to shelter my kid.  Parker was crying with no injuries, but I was impaled at my hairline by one of the blue beauties.  Thank goodness my hair didn't catch on fire.  I was a little singed but mostly shaken.  It wasn't anyone's fault...just an accident that happened when my kid decided to be too close.  If anything, I probably should have been watching him closer...

Other than that little scare we had a blast.  We continued on and Parker sat in Mrs. Jolene's lap for the remainder of the night.   We laugh at it now, but I am so thanking God for His angels who watched out for my little boy.  I think next year we're gonna make the kids sit down farther back and not let them run around.  

We now are going to watch some Season One Heroes and intend on sleeping in tomorrow too :)

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  1. cannot wait till the second child is old enough to sleep in!!!! glad everyone was safe for the 4th!!!