Thursday, July 3, 2008


No, I'm not being unprofessional with a client, just proclaiming how hot I think my husband is. 

I highlighted Dave's hair about 4 days ago.  Dave's hair was chemicals had ever touched his silky strands.  So, I had to make sure, sure, sure that he wanted to do pun intended.  Anyway, I got the kit that I always do.  The Revlon Frost&Glow Kit my mamma always tortured me with when I was a little girl (she always wanted to be a hairdresser - love you Mamma).  I put the cap on his head and Ashton immediately was concerned for his daddy.  He looked worried, as if I was going to suck Daddy's brain out and replace it with the left over noodles we had the other night.  Daddy quickly assured Ash that this was simply his Power Ranger hat.  Wheew!  Relief!  So, I pulled the strands through...went way faster than when I pull mine...but I must say he was being a baby about it.  Flinching every time I poked the hook through the holes.  

After mixing the blue goo and applying, I had so much left over.  I usually have to use 2 boxes to cover my mane!  Being the "never-waste-anything" person I am, I generously applied the left overs to my own head.  Cap you ask?  No.  I just attempted to separate some when we washed our hair out, he had this gorgeous sun kissed melon and I had goldy-locks just on the top of my head.  No worries, I will have roots in no time :-)

Anyway, all that to say that Dave's mother requested some pictures of his new bay watch babe do and around town running errands today, I decided it would be fun to snap some "professional" pictures of Dave.  We would be driving and I would say. "STOP!!!!"  He would then precede to slam on the brakes, get out, and I would do my thing.  4 hours of editing later, I present to you

DAVE LEE-LICIOUS!!!   My amazingly wonderful hubby and his sweet head of hair...


I'll let you in on a little secret....this hottie wants to be my second shooter :)


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  2. Hey Ali,

    Can you make us look that hot?
    I am here at this site almost every is killing me not to be home and having you take pictures of my fam! Sorry I haven't called you back....I have been in family whirlwind. Lots to catch up on!