Friday, May 30, 2008

The great debate...

I was at the print shop to get an enlargement for my client and I was halted by a photo technician.  She asked me how I was doing and I told her I was fine.  She preceded to tell me that I was not going to get any prints off my disc.  "Ok....why?" I said.  "Those are professional photos."  (She didn't just say that my work was professional did she?!?)  I replied, "Well, I am a photographer just starting out and I really did take these photos."  For about a minute I tried to convince her that I really did take the pics.  Then I finally said, "Would you like me to bring in my Canon EOS 40D with all my Compact Flashes with these images plus a gazillion more and would you like the serial number to my Photoshop and Camera Raw program, with confirmation numbers to the Nicole Van Presets and Actions I just bought?"  She looked at me kind of suprised (I wasn't mean by the way, just really trying to convince her) and she asked my name.  I told her and she said, "Well, I'm sorry, I am going to put you on "the list" so it will be easier for you next time."  I asked her what the list was and it was a list of all the professional photographers that use this print shop in town...ok.  I can't tell you what a boost of confidence that gave me!  I have been lacking in this and it just made me feel so good.  

And on top of that, I scheduled two more sessions today!!!  Folks are liking Christina's pictures.  I am so excited and lacked the confidence that I could really do this.  God is SO good and he is blessing me with so many opportunities. 

Here is a pic of the little boy I will be photographing next week...his big brother and mamma will be there too :-)  Isn't he too cute?!?


  1. I must say that you take very interesting pictures. I love how you capture the most out of just daily things. You don't go to the extreme to make people who they aren't, you just capture their true beauty.

    You will go far.


    p.s. If you have any questions go ahead and ask me on my blog.

  2. Ali,
    Jenn and I have been talking and we would love it if you'd take pictures of us this fall because we don't have any nice photos of us and we are counting on you to make us look awesome! We of course would pay you for your time and prints so what do you say?

    Steve & Jenn