Monday, June 24, 2013

It's been awhile...

Hello.  I'm still alive.  Suprise! ;)  

I have been waiting for the perfect time to be able to collect my thoughts, organize and write them down...

...well, it seems there will never be the "perfect time" to sit down, reflect and write out my thoughts here.  Truth is...time must be made.  That is what I hope to do more here in the future.  I think it actually might be therapeutic. 

To catch up, here is what my life has consisted of the past year... almost 2 bullet form for ease:

* transitioned and finally planted in a wonderful church family

*homeschool...goin' sometimes not steady, but strong

*accepted the honor of becoming Kingdom Life Fellowship's
Director of Worship Culture

*Dave accepted the honor of being KLF's youth pastor

*closed my photography business for a season

*opened photography business on a MUCH smaller scale

*gained weight

*recently lost 25 lbs

*started running again (training for my first 5K)

*started kettlebell workouts

*trying to do fun improvements to the house

*completed Dave Ramsey's FPU

*ate fried pickles for the first time...and LIKED it

Lots of life has been happening at the Brown home...some overwhelming...some fun...all of it welcomed.  We are growing more than ever where we are now and are so thankful for this season God has us in.  I don't know if anyone actually reads this thing, but I am sorry for being absent for so long.  I hope to keep going...I think it will be good.  

As I type, I hear the laughter of my boys playing with the water hose in the back yard.  I am trying to start letting go of my compulsive tendencies to keep everything "perfect" and let them be boys.  Let go of the reigns and start letting them make choices...make mistakes...and learn from them.  Little stuff now, nothing crazy...but Lord help me...

...I'm sure a mud pit will develop shortly...


Love to you all, and believing that you are finding rest in HIM...


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