Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm inserting the "homeschool kick-off" photos and journaling in my scrapbook...I thought I would share my journaling here :)

Of course...with pictures.

September 19, 2011
It was time for me to get back into a routine for the kid’s homeschooling.  We had enjoyed our summer and literally were cramming all the previous years curriculum in so we wouldn’t start too late for their 1st and 2nd grades.  I decided to make it fun by having a “back to school kickoff” - going to Chick-fil-A for breakfast and then to Starbucks so I could indulge on a Pumpkin Spice Latte while the kiddos journaled and I looked over what was ahead in our Konos curriculum.  

The kids brought their freshly filled pencil boxes and new journals along.  I guess one can tell that Mamma had alot of influence on the design of their journals.  They truly did have fun painting the cover and picking out their little paper pieces they wanted.  Ashton and Parker had been patiently waiting to get to use their new supplies.  I said that they had to finish all of last years work before enjoying the new stuff so they were definitely excited to start the new year!  This year, I splurged and let the boys get these nifty twist up crayons.  They were a few dollars more, but honestly I think it’s worth not having crayon wax all over my floors this year :)  Plus, how much fun do these crayons look!  I love how you can kind of see through the barrels to each color!  I’m always a sucker for office supplies though...

After the boys sipped up their last bit of chocolate milk in their kid sized Starbucks cups, they started on their journaling...I love allowing my kids to be able to express themselves however they want to in their journals everyday.  It’s such a great start to the day, plus I usually get a good laugh to start out most mornings.  Today, they journaled Target, since that’s where we were. It was so sweet to watch their faces as they tried out their new crayons!  

We also saw this little bird with one leg.  It was such a sad sight but gave a great opportunity for me to talk to the kids about determination.  Although this bird only had one leg, he was just as active as all the other birds.  Of course, our pity couldn’t keep us from sharing our crumbs of biscuit.  I believe the bird was happy to oblige :)

It was a fabulous morning to start off a fabulous new year of school!  Parker is so excited to be in 1st grade and Ashton always welcomes new challenges.  I am thankful that I can do this for my’s not always easy, but it’s times like these that I can look back to when it gets rough.  I never thought I possessed the patience to do this...but for now...I’m doing just fine.











  1. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

  2. Excellent shots and wonderful photos.

  3. Sweet kiddos and even sweeter mommy! :)

  4. Dear Ali,
    I haven't read yours or David's blogs lately, and today sweet Holy Spirit sent me over here. Not only is my soul filled to the brim reading both your posts because of the love and revelation of Our Father's heart, but so proud of you both with your creative and honest writing. What an encouragement you both are to me. Love you so much,