Saturday, February 5, 2011

mY 2ooth pOsT!!!

Yay for 200 posts! Not as many as it should be but hey, I'm not gonna beat myself up about it...

Actually, that is what I wanted to write about today.

I often think to myself..."Geez, I need to blog something..." But because that "something" doesn't have dazzling pictures of a client, then I clam up and run away in shame.

I have decided that I've had enough. Enough of my pity party and trying to make myself fit into what wonderfully and joyously was in the past. I have decided that I'm going to embrace this time of my life where I CAN take more pictures of my kids and pets and everyday happenings...embrace that I have the time to scrapbook those moments frozen in pictures and craft my little heart out...embrace that I'm not so stressed out, my family is lacking in the fun department.

Yup, I've decided that I'm no longer afraid of the "Photography" title on my blog. This is my blog and I am in control of what I put on here, not my title. Besides, as long as there is a photo it's game right ;)

Sure! I'm still pursuing a photography career here in San Antonio! I LOVED what I did and I welcome new clients and relationships...but, just because I'm waiting doesn't mean I can't muse about the funny and quirky things that go on in my life. I figure that it would be liberating for me to post and might brighten someone else's day rather than hide in my pride of not having a business up and running yet.

So, sorry for those who are looking for inspiration...I am trying to shoot for myself more lately in way of capturing my cute little kids and my crazy pets and still try to catch the occasional "artsy" photo...which I'm kind of pleased with the kitty photo down below...but for now, I have to be real and post what's real in my life...and that is:

"Hello, my name is Ali..."

I'm a:
*Christ follower...I am absolutely passionate about Jesus!
*a worshiper...can't stop singin' about him (see above)
*wifey-poo to smokin' hot hubby of 8 years
*Mamma to two of the most adorable little boys you will every meet
*homeschool teacher to two said little boys
*crafty gal that loves to create...especially scrapbook
*lover of two kitties are my favorites right now
*domestic affairs specialist
*girl who is attracted to anything old, vintage or rusty
*friend to anybody who wants to be... that THAT is all cleared up ;) Here's something that happened to me recently:

I tripped over my Crocs running down the stairs and ended up impaling my head through the's a very weird thing how I ended up 20 feet from initial trip up to wall but here's the damage:


I ended up having a small concussion...which would make sense as to my array of emotions right after the incident...

1st - tears because I felt bad for making a hole in the wall with my head
2nd - laughter because I made a hole in the wall...WITH MY HEAD Bwahaha!
3rd - the heck did THAT happen
And the rest I really don't remember...

So, my smokin' hot hubby, who is gloriously amazing at home repairs, started to fix the wall and I commented how it looked like a funny monster...I think I still was suffering from confusion:


My smokin' hot hubby's birthday was also coming up and I was lacking the brain power at the time to come up with a cool theme for his what did this disoriented domesticated woman do???


Needless to say, my smokin' hot hubby was very sweet and acted like it was the best creation ever...I guess as long as it was white cake with cream cheese icing...extra icing...the aesthetics didn't matter...



  1. Ali-
    Congratulations on 200 posts! Congratulations on realizing that soaking up every nano-second of your family's existence is more important than the next client, and loaded with inspiration. Here's to having a blog that is filled with your own big and little inspirations, which will always inspire those who read it. And praise the Lord for having the opportunity to be right here, right now. Hope your noggin feels better by now!
    {{hug}} from a random blog follower :)

  2. Ali!!! Super congrats on the 200th post! You are an amazing photographer, mother, and artist! You have been given so may strength to share & can't wait to follow you where ever your blog might lead you!

  3. I love you! So glad you are blogging again, and I will be checking daily ;) !! What a great cake! How did you get those icing colors? I think you should blog about some of your home decor, and how you put it all together, PLEASE!!! I love your house in all the pics I see (usually a blurred background though, so how about some home images with the vintagey stuff you love, and those curtains??)

    again, love you!

  4. Flippin' hilarious! I adore your honesty....and your smokin' hot husband!!! GO 200!!!!!!!!!