Monday, February 7, 2011

i hEaRt mY sIsTeR...

This is me and my sister along time ago...we had a horrible hairstyle ergo the hat picture:


And in 12 days she will be Texas...with ME! We are beyond ecstatic and we will count down the days on facebook together and are planning a million fun activities to do...I'm declaring it a homeschool holiday WEEK...

I can do that now ya know ;)

I love my sister so much and she is SO stinkin' hilarious...she seriously could get paid as a pro blogger for all the funny stuff she writes...

Like this....
...THIS is what I discovered in my inbox this morning...
...a song dedicated to what we will do when she gets here:


On the 12th day from Alimas my true love gave to meeeee….

12 hugs at baggage claim

11 Bible studieeees

10 starbucks runnnsss

9 silly music videos

8 all the cookies

7 yummy supperrrss

6 days of laughter

FIIIIIIIIIIVE (trips to) the goooolllldennnnn arrrchessss

4 is less than five

3 is more than 2

2 cute little boyyyys

And an application for a passport to come see meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

See, that last line is what I cracked up too the most...ya'll may not know it but I can tend to procrastinate and I've been really bad about not getting a passport to go see my sis now that she lives in Canadia...SO, she's apparently going to help me do that on her visit. :)

I love you Whitty and you are the bestest sister EVAH!!!

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  1. That is cute! I love that your jacket is too small, haha!