Wednesday, December 22, 2010

dEaR SaNtA,

Dear Santa,

I know your really tired...but I've been a really good boy this year. I didn't chew on any furniture and only pooped on the floor one time...and that's only because one of the boys slipped me some food. I really didn't mean to. You know how gassy and sensitive my stomach is. I'm getting better at not napping right behind Mamma when she's doing she doesn't trip over me anymore. I'm real good at protecting the house, Daddy, Mamma and my kids. So, I wanted only one thing for there some device that would deter psychotic kitties from me? They're kinda buggin' me...I thought they were cute before but now all they want to do is chew my tail up and stick their claws in my face...and if your feelin' really generous, a way to let Mamma know that it's humiliating what she puts me through...

...please hurry...

Love, kisses and slobber,







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