Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zach {senior}

And the word for the day is....

in·dus·tri·ous : constantly, regularly, or habitually active or occupied

Now, I'm gonna use it in a sentence: (or two)

..."Ali is extremely industrious these days..." replied the abandoned photographer's husband to the neighbor. The next-door friend noticed from the adjacent window that Ali had not moved from her non-orthopedic chair in three whole days...

So...I've got quite a few orders to fill, but I wanted to get this really...they are THE BLUE-est peepers I think I have ever seen. Poor Zach's eyes were watering a bit from how flippin' bright it was that day. He totally made it through the session without blindness though...thank goodness.

Apart from the blazing ball of glory in the sky, it was a gorgeous day for a shoot...
Here's some sneak peaks from this blue-eyed senior :)







  1. Hey Ali, I have followed your blog ever since Lora mentioned you on MeRa, and on her own blog. I am currently starting my own biz and would love some pointers from an amazing photographer as yourself(i know that's a lot "gravy", But i do think you are amazing.)
    Could you tell me what you recommend in the camera bag and on the computer(editing software). Your pictures has so many brilliant that editing or are you getting really good light? Thanks so much!!!

  2. so if i would have read your post, I would get that it was really good light...duh.