Sunday, September 27, 2009

a {house} {home}

I went to my first parade of homes flippin' awesome! I think I was on stimulation overload from all the fantastic designs, architecture, and decor I saw. It was neat how each house had it's own personality. I think my absolute FAVE were the lofts at the Johnson building. I was ready to sell my soul for that loft. I could totally see all my funky stuff in each room. As I was imagining my "dream" loft, I had to stop...why was I wishing for a newer, better, cooler pad when I have been so incredibly blessed to have a house now? A bit of conviction crept into my heart and it didn't take long for me to thank God for what I have...a sound house filled with my healthy family, my memories and even a couple silly pets. So, it's not just "a house"'s my HOME. Even though it's older, got a few quirks and may not be in the cleanest of wins the "Best Place to Be Loved" award in my parade.

I'll end with some sneak peeks from one of my seniors last week...

Love the vibe. Love the hat. Love the color.

Kelsey admitted that she brought a third of her closet in the car...which was cool with me...the more color the merrier I always say. I loved that she had this purple flower pin...which we conveniently made into a hairpiece...





Rockin' the hat...



  1. wowza! Cool location, and how crafty with the purple flower. so cute!

  2. Awesome pics!! Love the pics on the stairs! Very cute with the hat!