Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cotton candy + Dryer Lint = Bad mix up

I guess I've had the fair on my brain the last few days. I had an amazing time going with my best friend, her hubby and my family. I really felt like the kids truly enjoyed themselves...this time. The last time I had them at the fair was when Thirty9 was hotter than a fudge bar and we played at the 3rivers stage. My kiddos were mere babies and they cried and fussed with my friends a.k.a. "the sitters," while I rocked it on stage. Though Thirty9 is no more, I thought maybe I would try taking them again...We had a blast! I easily spent too much money on vikings, funnel cakes, rides that made me about pass out ect. ect. AND Cotton Candy. I LOVE cotton candy. I don't know what it is, but when I put the sugary cloud in my mouth and it starts to dissipate, happy feelings emerge. Maybe it's the coming sugar coma that I'm thrilled about??? I dunno. But I think I have a thing for cotton candy. So much so...that I, slick Ali, about stuck a nice wad of dryer lint in my mouth yesterday. I caught it right as it touched my lips. Whew...I don't know why but it happened. C'mon ya'll have probably done something like that too....whatever. Anyhoo, so lesson learned. Don't reminisce about the fun happenings at the fair while folding laundry.

Something else sugary sweet coming up....stay tuned :)



  1. you're hilarious, you totally need a rocker pic for your blog to show us "you in action on stage". Come on!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! That is an awesome picture!

    So I was the sitters hugh! Oh! How fun was that! That was before Cory!
    Cotton candy is called candy floss here :)

    Miss you!