Monday, June 29, 2009

Dave & April {for real}

April had a vision for her wedding day.  She would want it at Ryan Dam.  She would would have her best friend wear the so carefully chosen purple bridesmaid dress.  She would walk down towards her Love barefoot because it was her day and she could.  Unfortunately her dream never became reality...until two weeks ago.  

Dave and April were going to celebrate their 10th anniversary 2 weeks ago Sunday.  Little did she know that what lay in store was no ordinary card and flowers.  For the past couple of months Dave has been busy planning the most romantic thing I've ever heard of...April's dream wedding.  From getting her dress altered (Hey-if any of you have had babies you know your wedding dress doesn't fit...and if it does...I will be sure to bake you some cookies and send them to you every week until it doesn't) to calling the original bridesmaid to pulling out that Precious Moments cake topper from the closet.  Oh know Precious Moments rocked the 90's.  He pulled it all together...with some help of course.  

He wanted me to be their photographer because I've heard through the grapevine that April likes my stuff ;)  I was so excited to be able to document this time in their lives.  What an awesome opportunity!  To be able to see this couple renew their vows to a wedding that finally came to fruition.  It was a fabulous day to say the least.  I believe April's heart strings were tugged and that moment when she buried her head in his chest to hide the tears is when my eyes started leaking too.  

April, I am so happy that you finally got your wedding.  I count it an honor to have been able to share that with you.  Thanks to both of you for the amazing day!


She did go barefoot...but wore some comfys on the way down


This girl cracks me up!  She was the only one to catch the bouquet...LOVE IT!!!  I would be her BFF too :)


On the right...their stinkin' cute!


This shot was taken by awesome second shooter for the day



Yes...we did take "serious" pictures...but it's my blog and I like posting the funny ones

blog4're beautiful!





  1. As always Ali they're beautiful!!!!! You made this day so special for them!!

  2. Beautiful pics to match a beautiful story, Ali.