Saturday, April 25, 2009


My first senior session for this year could not have been better.  I was blessed to meet Nash through his buddies that were clients of mine last year.  We had to reschedule due to the weather last week...but Tuesday was the perfect day to shoot!  I have to brag on Nash a little because well...I'm cool like that.  This guy is the flippin' state champion for his class/weight in wrestling!!! He also happens to be a big "Office" fan.  After quenching our thirst with Squirt Soda mid session, (it was 83 degrees that day) and "biting into a Slim Jim (a scrumptious forgotten snack we both agreed)," we headed downtown reminiscing on the best Office episodes.   Filled with one liners and laughs this session was so refreshing!  It totally jump started me for the year.  Thanks Nash for the laughs! 


Nash H.-195_pblog

Nash H.-97_pblog

Nash H.-152_pblog


Nash H.-224_pbwblog

Nash H.-285_pblog

One of my faves...

Nash H.-336_pblog

Nash H.-365_pblog

Nash H.-363_pblog


  1. If I could be a senior again, I would fly to Montana and let you do my pics! These are awesome! Your locations are great, they're sharp sharp sharp, you rock!!

  2. ooh la la. what a doll! I loooove how great this guy's pics turned out alipants. (not to be confused with Alli-pants - which I have had first-hand experience with and do NOT recommend!) hahahahahah/BARF! i love you al! your pics are all that is awesome!!