Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love laughing

Last night as I was editing, I heard my husband laughing...hard.  Wondering what he was watching, I proceeded to the living room and I remembered.  America's Funniest Home Videos.  The last time I had watched this show was many moons ago...on Friday nights with my family.  When Bob Saget hosted and graced the nation with his many voices.  While there's a different host now, the videos still make me roll.  My favorite from the night was this man on a fishing boat.  You see fish jumping out of the water behind him when suddenly, one jumps up slapping him in the face...HILARIOUS!  My sides hurt I was laughing so hard.  I searched everywhere to find the video to show you with no luck.

So instead, here's a senior that likes to laugh too...more to come from this awesome session!

Nash H.-312_pblog

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  1. Ali! This photo's great. I want to shoot some seniors soooooo bad , I even started a facebook page and got some kids in the youth group to be my fan (desperate, I know). I keep getting the same type of work...and I so want to branch out and do more seniors! I had 1 so far, and I am sold, it was my favorite session ever!!! Teenagers are so fun! :) I'm praying that God will send some my way! :) ~Lora