Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthdays & Books

There has been a little birthday confusion as I kind of took over the facebook profile Dave created awhile ago.  He never got on so naturally I wanted to check it out.  Anyhoo, I got some very sweet birthday messages yesterday that rightfully belonged to my hubby.  Thanks to all who took the time to bless us on Dave's birthday.  It was kind of a weird day to be honest...but I did give him lots of reminders that he was born and tried to make it somewhat special.  Between church, his frustrating statistics homework and me working on a project almost all was like we didn't see each other much.  We gotta do something fun today...

So...the book.  Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders.  It was lent to me by John Mayer who also has some mad camera skills BTW.  This book was and is eye opening and liberating!  I encourage anyone who is remotely thinking about pursuing a career in this industry to read it.  He really puts an emphasis on branding yourself.  Before, when Jasmine* would mention how important branding was, I was like, "Cool...I'm down with that."  Then I kind of just stared into space not knowing how to brand myself.  Dane explained it more clearly for me in his book and I know there are many other workshops and forums I could gain valuable information from on the fine tuning of my brand....seriously ya'll just read it.  It's awesome!  


  1. Ali! I love it!!! It's so great. I love the polaroid so much! And the handwritten prices/paper. It's fantastic...those seniors are gonna be knockin' down your door!!!!! :)

  2. You are just amazing Ali! Love it!!! Can't wait for you to take our pics, if Kris ever takes a break from work and I lose 170 pounds then it's on! :) Play date soon? Even though I have no older kids for your kids to play date?

  3. i am so proud of you honey, you have been so GOD/JESUS/HOLYSPIRIT blessed with so much talent and i am so thankful that you have never buried your talents but have always invested them so wisely...i can truly say this about you and your little sister witty, she too is blessed with many talents...
    "i rejoice that my children walk in the truth..."2john4

  4. jaw dropping does not even come close to how cool this is!! well done chica, you have a great future ahead of you! I'll be saying "I knew her when she first started..." one day, I just know it :)

    I need to get that book by Sanders... it's on my hit list.