Monday, December 22, 2008

Dan & Alie

This session broke the record for me for "The Coldest Weather."  Dan and Alie were AMAZING though...we just laughed while snot was flying out of my nose.  Yes...I'm that cool...they will tell ya.  Oh yea, I almost slipped on this ramp thing too...Dan insists that I should have a waiver for my clients so I'm not liable for any injuries :)  I should have one too it seems.  

So I met Alie at BioLife and being the talker I am, she found I was into photography.  Alot.  So, I gave her a card and she liked what she saw.  Dan had a break from his military training to visit Alie and fam for the holidays.  It was all the girl could talk about for a couple months...I was so stinkin' excited to finally meet him in person!!!  

We wrapped up the session with some pool...Dan and Alie are really into pool.  It was awesome to see them so comfortable and having fun.  He is completely mesmerized by her...I mean can you blame him???  Look at her eyes!  So beautiful!  It was such a warm ambience with these two snuggling and making the most of the precious time they  had that it didn't seem as cold as I thought it would be.  

On a more serious note, if you haven't heard of BioLife, please check them out.  There are so many folks who need the products of plasma donation.  It's a small amount of your time and you get paid!  All the while you are truly saving lives by the small sacrifice of a couple hours once or twice a week and a needle poke.  

Thanks Dan and Alie for getting me out of the house...ya'll are awesome!!!




I think this is my favorite!




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  1. Not only am I a Twilight fan, it is an obsession. I have a 1.5 page list of what I love about the movie and what I think is stupid they left out. The second movie is going to be so sad and depressing because I am so in love with Edward. I actually ask Cory if there is a way he can be a vampire?? I must be sick!