Sunday, November 2, 2008

Parrish Family

I met this family through one of my close friends.  She is actually the creator of these amazing hats.  I am so excited for Wendy's business.  I think she is going to be really busy in no time...So, because I LOVED the hat on my little client so much I started thinking how awesome it would be to get some for my baby shoots.  Can't you imagine a cute little baby with nothing but these adorable hats on? I called Wendy and offered to do a trade and she was really excited.  

She had two boys that were so pumped that I was taking them to a special spot.  You know how much little boys love cars...especially fire trucks!  So we had a great time hanging out and even got to see some goats and horses in the end.  Wendy was pretty impressed with my goat impression too ;)

So here are some sneak peaks for ya'll to enjoy...thanks *P* family for such a fun time!


  1. ok, so we sold our house AGAIN.... Yeah! but still gun shy...
    anyways, when our house sells this Thursday, I will be calling you to do our pics! yipeee!!!
    I love the hats your friends does also. Beautiful. come to our new house soon please. I will call you!

  2. what a beautiful family, way to go, now where are the hats? i am a little confused, i thought you were taking pictures of kids with hats, guess i need to read them

  3. What a gorgeous family...they don't look like mom and dad...just friends...=)

    Do you by any chance work near Miami?