Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rumple Pony...

I think in my last post instead of saying, "In memory of Summer..."  I should have stated, "In memory of Ali's perky mood."  It seems when the seasons change here in Montana I'm still not used to it...I just get kinda down, ya know?  It gets cold, gray and dreary overnight and my senses just don't know how to handle it...I's already snowed here.  And to add to this it's been a little slow to say the least for sessions.  Just a tad discouraging with all the financial drama going on.  So last weekend I decided in a last minute effort to get myself out of a royal rut, to volunteer for the Vision Conference at my church.  Yes, I decided to attempt to make coffees for the young'uns at the conference.  And you know what I discovered?  Not only am I a perty darn good Barista, but once I stopped focusing on my dirty self, and helped fill a need, I felt so much better!  

Today I did blow the dust off my camera (not really) and had a session with a family who is very dear to my heart.  It was a wild ride but so much fun!  So I am going to torture ya'll with just a few images and then I will post more soon....I PROMISE.  

(sorry these are small...haven't upgraded my flickr account yet)

Isn't this hat just awesome?!?!?

I bet you're wondering what they are lookin' at...

It was this only with an Ali Brown session will a pony get delivered to your kids ;)

One of my ultimate faves...

And the B&W version for giggles 'cause I thought it was perty.


  1. It's like Christmas. I love them Ali....seriously I realize how crazy it is to shoot us! Thanks for you hard work. Can't wait to see more.

  2. These are awesome, love the color of the 1st with the hat! I wish I could get my images to look that good.... eventually. You are very talented! Have you tried lightroom yet? I'm so happy that you won! :)I totally understand feeling discouraged, I've been fighting the same feeling. :) Take care.

  3. these are so beautiful ali-oop, i love color, precious family art to last for generations to come, bravo!