Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's too early...

in my mind, for snow.  I'm a little bitter about it mostly because this weather was the cause of Saturday's cancellation.  It's supposedly going to get warmer today.  We'll see.  

So because I woke to the white blanket yesterday, I decided that it was time to use up some of my apple concentrate and make some cider.  It was a good cider day wasn't it?  

The most amazing thing I discovered from a friend for cider was Raven's Original Mulled Spices.  The cute little country store that closed down was the only place I knew to get I'm glad I'm able to purchase it online.  I don't use as much as the package calls for and it's still SO delicious.  You get lots for your bucks...3 bucks that is.  Plus shipping and handling.

In loving memory of summer, here is a cute series of shots I took at this amazing summer party my friend Sue put on:   

(shouldn't she enter her party details in some Family Magazine or something???)

The kids had a sack race...


My son found an umbrella amusing.



The tough lifeguards on duty...






A few details...isn't everything SO cute and summer-y???

Sue's Details Stpryboard


  1. Great pics Ali! Love the green grass and wish it were here a tad longer....but what can we do? Your boys look adorable in these pics! Also, my husband looks super hot! I hope you can do some family pics of us soon- we just need to sell this house first!

  2. Ali, I keep checking your blog everyday...what's up? Too much snow? I miss seeing your awesome work. :) I hope you are doing well.