Wednesday, November 12, 2008


OK, I am ready to not have my mug on the top it's time for something else...way past due.  My husband's sister gave us a quick visit and while she was here I offered to do a session with her and her bro.  These two instigated EVERYTHING as kids and Audrey, was left helpless in the middle.  When I first met Heather, she was only 13 and I called her my Munchkin...well, now she is old enough to be on her own at 21 years of age...Where does the time go?!?!?  We had a fun visit and it was so nice to see these two together again.  Needless to say, my guest room was still in a sham so she opted to sleep on the couch...Sorry Munchkin...I am so thrilled though that one can see the floor now in my guest room and it looks SO much better.  I have been on a motivation roll!  This is the reason for my lack of posting.  Dave and I joke around and say that we are finally moving in to our house.  You see, when we moved, we only had about a week and we moved with little to no help in between working full time that week.  It was a MESS.  So, now we are getting to go through boxes and finding homes for things...mostly that home is the trash can :)  

So here is a teaser from their mini session...more fun stuff to come ahead...they are such a crack up together!!

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  1. the caption can read, "i'm outta here, thank you JESUS, FOR YOUR GIFT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, that gives me a first class ticket to heaven..."