Sunday, November 9, 2008

Keepin' it real

When one is wed to a photographer... there will be times that the photographer wants a mug shot of themselves.  In which they will usually bribe their innocent other to take their shiny camera and take said photographer's portrait.  Caution:  This could be very frustrating for the spouse behind the camera as the photographer barks orders on how they want the shot to be taken and mumbles to themselves that they wish they had a clone.  C'mon guys...I'm just being real here.  Has anyone else done this to their poor spouse but me?  If not, may I be hung from my toenails and flogged with a very wet diaper.  

I really wanted a new portrait of myself to put on the website.  He didn't do to bad at all...but I feel bad for him because I'm not the most patient person.  Anyhoo, here's one that I really looks fun in color, but I just LOVE the black and white too :)


  1. I LOVE how your eyes stand out in the color photo, but I also love all the shades of black, white and gray in the other!

  2. I totally relate! I actually got my 6 year old to take my pic! You look awesome in these pics....sooo artsy! :)

  3. Your eyes are stunning!

    Kudos to your hubby!