Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dusty & Kim: engagement

It's a good thing Kim likes to talk because that's what we did the whole hour and a half trip to the ranch...and I enjoyed every minute of it :)  Nestled in the middle of the mountains is a little rancher community where men with tight jeans, boots and big hats tip their hats as you drive by.  This is where Dusty's family way back when homesteaded.  Now, it will become the venue for which Dusty and Kim will proclaim their vows.  How romantic huh?  So, in my previous post I talked about the weather.  Even though little snow spurts came and went, nothing could keep these two from smiling...ESPECIALLY when Dusty told Kim some good news...I'm not sure I'm aloud to say right yet...but it's good :)  

So, here's a few of the session....oh yea!  I finally upgraded to pro so now I can have all the huge pictures I want..."Holla"


Isn't this one SO romantic with the snow?!?


His and Her boots :)






  1. HOLLA is right! These photos scream to be big! Lovin' this shoot, Ali! Dusty looks so happy...and Kim - hello hottie (especially that top image). Beautiful. I love the black & white walking shot...and really dig the boots. And you know I love the doggie one. Listen to me, I guess I love all of them!

  2. ALI YOU MADE ME CRY!!! Thank you SO, SO much for our wonderful pictures, and sticken'it our with us!

    Kim & Dusty

  3. these are beautiful, lucky couple!!! :) I love the big pics too.

  4. just stumbled across your blog; and had my fingers crossed until i found where you live...yeah!! i'm so glad it's great falls; because i LOVE your work, and your prices are in my range. well, i should say, my summer time range. my husband does construction, so winter months are on the lean side. i am going to bookmark your site, and contact you next summer. i have two beautiful boys, 15.5 months apart, and i would be thrilled to have you "capture" them.