Monday, August 4, 2008

What's cuter than a little orange Home Depot Apron???

...the big Home Depot Apron from behind helping. Dave came home for lunch last Saturday and told me that on the first Saturday of every month they do a a free kid's workshop. He proclaimed that the kids even got to wear their own little orange apron...and KEEP them...I was sold!

So after some freshing up, because yes....I was STILL ripping down wallpaper...I took the boys and they had so much fun. Dave was able to sneak away for a few minutes to help so that I could take a few shots. I just love these. Right now we are going through a tough time adjusting to Dave's new job and pay, but it makes me proud to know that my husband is doing his best and working hard to support our family. These pictures make me hopeful...hopeful that my boys will grow up to be hard working men just like their daddy.  

They have their clean little orange aprons and daddy has his obviously worn & dirty apron.

They proudly display the pins on the brightly colored fabric which represents the projects they have completed. My prayer is that they will be just as proud to show the world what wonderful growing men they are. Full of love, honor and faith. 

I love the men in my life and I cherish moments like these...








  1. these are SO SO SO precious, i want one of each 5x7 - thank you very much....mamma

  2. Woah how cute! And the boys look good too... j/k. Well the photos are still looking good. I'm sure the biz is going to be booming. I miss you guys and all the bodily fluids that come with! haha. Later.

  3. I happened to click on your comment that you made on MeRa's blog post today (agree with you! What a great challenge for us all, huh?!)...These pictures are so adorable! I love them! SO cute!