Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Parker's Flip Flops

This is my baby. It's sometimes sad how I can forget about him amongst the fast pace of life...c'mon moms...don't tell me you don't occasionally leave your 2nd and subsequent offspring in the background...you know, void out the whines and "mommy's" just to save your head. So, this morning when my sweet 3 year old came walking down the stairs in his new "big boy" flip flops (no strap in the back) complete with poofy diaper that needed to be changed, my heart melted.

He is in this stage right now where he IS almost a boy. I feel the sting in my nose just blogging this. He's not quite potty trained but he's oh so Mr. I wanna-do-everything-like-my-big-brother independent man.

I feel that the whines of him needing me to give him some attention will soon disappear. I would have missed all those opportunities to love on my baby...the last product of Dave and mine's reproducing career.

I love my Parker and though it has been very hard having my two so close, I don't think I would do it any other way. Sometimes I feel that both of my children were robbed of my attention due to me being pregnant while one was a baby and having a newborn when the other one was still a baby. But, I can't dwell on what could have been. It wasn't in my plan but this is the plan He had for my life and I am thankful that I have been given supernatural grace to raise my kids.

So a little tribute to my sweetheart of a son. He truly is so sensitive and wonderful...though needy most the time. But I guess I should eat it up while I can...I love you Parker!




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  1. i love my parky head, oh how i love you let me count the ways, i love your beautiful BROWN EYES, your child's heart, pure and simple and soaking in this new life all around you, your little boy voice, melts your Omi's heart, i love you parky so much and wish i could see you every day or whenever i wanted to see you, but thankful for what i do have, your mamma's photos and my airline passes help heal the space and the time...