Saturday, July 26, 2008

My sis....the supermodel

I have been a bad girl.  I went to eat at the Macaroni Grill...I should really be truthful and say that I OVER-ate at the Grill.  I don't know if it was sad emotional eating due to my kitty not doing very well...or if I was happy emotional eating because I ran into some friends and was having such a great time talking and laughing across the isle.  Whichever it was, I just need to stop stuffing myself because of emotions.  I also met a co-worker of Dave's and his beautiful wife.  They all were so awesome and I hope we all can hang out again.

I have to test tomorrow with the Strong and Healthy Team and I honestly don't know how I'm gonna do.  I ran a 11:20 something mile last time and I can't even remember how many sit-ups and push-ups I did.  So, my goal is to at least beat my time on the mile.  We'll see...

My mamma has been begging me to get my sister's photos up.  I kinda have been putting it off so I wanted to get some sneak peaks for her.  She came down a couple of weeks ago to get her car down here to sell.  Anyone need a gas friendly vehicle?  So, since she was here we celebrated her birthday and I wanted to take some shots of her.  She is so gorgeous and makes me laugh so hard I get stomach cramps.  Yes!  She's that funny.  I love her so much and am so thankful that we are best buds.  So here she lovely sister...the supermodel :)





  1. hot mama! your sister is gorgeous!!! i'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at starbucks (aka: 4-bucks)!!! :)

  2. that's my witty wit, she is a super funny model...

  3. ooooh...praise the LARD for photoshop. wow! my thighs look GREAT!! ... um... uh...thanks to all my strict dieting and vigorous excersizing of course. ... you forgot to photoshop my mustache off the bottom one. oh well. hahaha i love you!