Monday, May 26, 2008

Playing with texture...and man hair

I have found a nifty little action that puts texture into the image...ok...I know this probably isn't new for many of you, but I am just ecstatic with this!  

First, my husband has been growing his hair our since he separated from the Air had kind of just been blah for a while.  So, the day before yesterday I decided to take a stab at styling it.  YAY!  it turned out awesome!!!  The only drawback is, that he wants this done everyday now and that means I have to take more time away from  me getting ready for his hair...

So I used this texture because it was the perfect grunge feel to match the grunge hair...or if you want to get really specific...emo hair.

Then, I had taken this shot of the beautiful bouquet of flowers that my sister had for us bridesmaids.  Aren't they gorgeous?!?!  Anyway, it was neat to see the texture applied to this because the flowers are so delicate that it's almost an inviting conflict between the two.  

I have had the opportunity to make a little money towards my I am debating on whether to go ahead and proceed with the studio lighting or to get some more of these great actions and presets for photoshop...what do you think?


  1. pretty nice, maybe dave lee should get into modeling?

  2. The flowers are beautiful...okay so I just have to tease a little he wearing eye liner?