Tuesday, October 8, 2013

...rediscovering the lost art of thanks...

I have a confession... 

I have been discontent.  Dissatisfied.  Ungrateful.  

And all of these roots have borne the fruit of anger in my life over a long period of time.  

It started about the time I stopped...

Stopped taking the time to pause and share what new treasures I had found at a thrift store.  Stopped taking the time to share funny moments like making a birthday cake with a concussion.  Stopped taking the time to be thankful for the little things.  

Interestingly, it started about the time I stopped sharing here...in this matrix of numbers and letters I call my blog.

And then something so sweet happened.  Holy Spirit woke me up.  He extended His hand to me as a wallowed and flailed in my own muck.  He led me to a book someone gave me a couple of years ago.  A book that I had picked up and lost interest in quickly...probably because it wasn't the right time for me to read it.  He led me to this book and I am DRINKING up every word droplet.  My carelessness in keeping the art of thanks has left me parched and wanting.  

I am thankful to my sweet friend Terri for obeying the voice of the Lord in giving me this book.  

I was slow in getting to it, but man has the timing been ever so perfect.  I am thankful for the sweet refreshing sense of grace that I feel.  Towards my husband.  Towards my children.  Towards myself.

I breathe in deep.  And I am hopeful.

It's just a start, and I'm a little rusty, but today, I did stop.

I stopped to take time to be grateful for the small...

...and by stopping, I already feel the joy starting to rise in my soul...

~the craters and cracks in my concrete floor~
~varying shades of chocolate~
~making this house more home~



~the orchids in my office...smiling at me~
~new curtains~
~new paint~
~new office~


~new puppies & older puppies~
~Sam and his love~
~Tozer and his discovery~


~warm light trickling in patterns on the floor~
~fresh pedicures~


~much needed order in my life~
~free fonts~
~knowledge of photoshop~
~office supplies~


~spelling games~
~children that enjoy learning~
~vintage desks~


~chubby fingers faithful with the day's work~
~resources enough so I can stay home with my children~


i.  am.  thankful.

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