Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sak Saum = aWeSoMe

I have been waiting for this moment... order my very own Sak Saum purse!

I learned about this ministry from a very fashionable friend on facebook. Not only was I magnetized to the look of these awesome purses, but I was so touched by the story and ministry behind the hands that created these beautiful pieces.

In Cambodia, human trafficking is a very real problem. A ministry called In His Steps International, has helped many people who have been trapped in this vicious cycle. They offer programs that help these people get back on their feet...

...imagine a person who had a back injury and lost feelings to their lower body...well, when they regain that feeling, they have to go through rehabilitation to help them use those legs again...

These women who have thankfully been saved from these situations have broken spirits from what they have gone through...In His Steps International not only gives them the tools they need to function in life again, but also points them to the One that can truly heal their heart and mend that broken spirit...

Our sweet Healer Jesus.

Sak Saum is the name of this ministry...the words mean dignity. You can read more about what they do here.

So...a nice ripe and delicious "fruit" of this ministry is these beautiful purses that these women make:


Not only do I benefit from looking super cute with my new accessory, but the women are learning a trade and are making an income for themselves without any shame attached from the life they were forced to live. This breaks the cycle and what a beautiful way to share Jesus with them!!! I truly believe THIS is the kind of ministry that blesses the Father's heart...and I want to support it whatever way I can!

If you would like to look at the Sak Saum fall collection you can visit this online takes a little bit to load but SO worth it to see all the fabulous purses and products! The pictures are FANTASTIC by the way...At the end there is an email for the wonderful Ginny who can take your order. She is awesomely awesome too.

As Michael Scott would say..."Win. Win......WIN!"


  1. Ali! that purse is absolutely adorable! i also love the ministry behind it!

  2. Ali, that catalogue is fantastic! I totally want a few of them! Like the baby crochet hat, and shoes, and totally one of the many amazing options! Thanks for sharing!