Monday, February 14, 2011

my VaLeNtiNe...

I love Love Day...

I have so much fun doing things for my family and letting them know how much they mean to me...

I am going to show ya'll some fun crafty stuff this week, but today I wanted to lavish on my sweet husband.

I have been SO blessed to be able to live life with him...

I love that...

...he can say something totally random that makes me
throw my head back and laugh...for 5 minutes.

...he serves me whenever I ask him to.

...he has some awesome Daddy skills.

...he supports me in everything that I do.

...he tells me I'm beautiful EVERY SINGLE DAY!

...he has this addiction to smelling Bibles.

...he and I can play music together.

......he has given his heart COMPLETELY to Jesus and he is serving him.

I really do have a hard time finding the words to express how I feel about him...since pictures are supposed to be a thousand's how I really feel about my Love:

(Photos by Angela of Timeless Photography)







  1. holy b'jesus!! I love these!!! Ya'll are the cutest couple ever, and I seriously love that couch thingy too!!! I love you Ali Galli!!

  2. hooooooottttttttttt! too hot to handle. for reals.