Friday, February 18, 2011

{LoVe} mini-album

So this was the other thing that I did on Vday for my Hubcap...

I got my new photo printer and I was SO excited to use it. It's funny, because I had had this idea when I saw these little plastic badge holder thingys from Walmart...and it was before I saw it done on...yes...none other than Ali Edward's site. So I decided it was a quick enough project that I could do it the day of Vday...yeah, I had these cute little books for my munchkins but nothin' for my hubby...whoops.

Anyhoo, for this project I just took our photos and resized them and then put these cute little overlays from Ali E. and then printed them out, cut 'em, chopped the corners off, stuffed them in the holders, added some ribbon and stapled it so it wouldn't go anywhere...and then I was saved.

I had something for my Love...


I had to include the cheesy "prom pose" :)




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