Wednesday, July 7, 2010

{sMiTten...} these two...

They are twins and they are SO much fun!!! Each with their VERY different and unique personalities. It was so cool talkin' with Mamma about this huge difference before meeting them, and then really experiencing what she was talking about.

May Claire: reserved yet a risktaker
Emma: cautious yet comfortable

This was my last session I did in Great Falls....and I am truly thankful that I got to play with these sweet girls before I left. They are at such a fun stage! And they aren't like alot of 7 year olds I see...they truly have kept their innocence...THAT is what I love!!!!

And that is what I wanted to capture...their purity and their playful spirit :) Before their session, I had a dream...Yea I know it's weird, but I dream shots... Anyhoo, I saw them painting each other's I mentioned it to Mamma and she loved the idea! How many photo sessions do kids get to do that?!?!? So, at the end of our session I broke out the paints and let them go at it...after they were done, they wanted to paint my face too!

I quickly accepted the invitation and went back in time:

the fair
the face painting booth
the coolness of the paint
the tickling of the paintbrush

These girls gave me not only a fantastic evening, but the opportunity to be a kid...again...





The light was so pretty here :)



Mamma said I could easily cast in the movie "Brave Heart" with the twins' awesome makeup artistry :)



  1. sweet idea..Will you continue photography in TX??

  2. LOVE!!! Love the painting idea.... miss you xx

  3. These girls are so cute! I am so happy to have a blog post from my favorite photographer! The painting idea is so fun! Love the vibrancy of the colors and the contrast!

  4. Ali--where was this session shot at? I am looking for a good rustic stair case and garage door for an upcoming wedding shoot! thanks! Sammie