Friday, October 16, 2009

Matt & fRiEnDs {fun}

Matt wanted a session with some of his friends who he has remained close to throughout his school years...Kind of a senior get together if you will. There were quite a few but I was totally for it!

I had a fantastic time with Matt and his peeps! We started out with his best friend Ronnie. From riding old rusty children's bikes to having a couple of hilarious Hutterites beg me to take their picture and proceed to dump an old van right beside us, (They had this huge Tonka Truck thing that just lifted up and KERPLUNK!) there was definitely no shortage of adventures on this shoot. We then made way to Ronnie's friend's farm where we met up with the rest of the gang. I was so stoked to meet all of Matt's friends! Each one so wonderfully different. Good times...

Oh! and to rap things up I even got to make friends with Hank...this adorable little calf. You know how I LOVE animals...couldn't resist giving him a nice scratch on the head.


I love how Matt and Ronnie interact...she has the most amazing smile and Matt has a way of drawing that out all of the time :)




Whitney joined us for a bit...


The whole kaboodle!



Ronnie and I heart Hank :)




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  2. I love you Ali!!! you are freaking gorgeous, and that cow so loves you..aww!! :) Ya know I just love all these pictures, duh! Don't I always?!

  3. AMAZING shoot!!! How cool that you got to get all his friends in with him!!! I always love seeing what you do next!! Cant wait for the next post!

  4. And you were worried about the numbers...come on now! Please scroll up to look again.....One more time.....and another.....because they turned out amazing!

  5. Hey Girl...Can you tell me how you do the Jumping shots and have them
    1.Jump with out 1 of them becoming blurry
    2.How do you get them to do it at the same time.

    Ive tried to do this, and it never turns out well...