Saturday, September 12, 2009

Devan {senior}

Oh my goodness where do I start?!?!

In a nutshell:


*Waiting for Miss Sun to disappear behind the clouds (she kept tricking me..erg)

*"Single Ladies" by Beyonce complete with the none other than Yours Truly
(it was a little difficult showin' off my moves in the car)

*An odd contraption this guy was riding/swaying/I-don't-know-the-word-for-it

*The declaration that I wanted whatever the heck that contraption was...shown below:

what the heck

(AhHA! I know what this's called a trikke. Photo source: Trikke Tampa)

*Laying on the open road

*Laying on a suddenly not so open road (sneaky cars)

*Having an amazing session with an amazing senior!!! Devan, you seriously rocked this :)


I triple heart your laugh Devan!!!





I think I jumped up and down like a spastic person when I took this shot...


And because I just COULDN'T resist...because I like funny stuff.
You gotta watch it till the end... :)

Watch Single Ladies Dance videos and dance lessons at


  1. That last picture is one of the most amazing shots I have ever seen. I audibly said "Wow" and there is no one here to hear me. You do such gorgous work. I wish we were around to have you do our family pics again this year. (sigh!)

  2. that last pic is absolutely AMAZING. totally. i really love your work. love the eyes!!

  3. Great session! Love the road photo...the video....hysterical!!

  4. baaaahahahhahahahahahhahaha! o sweet hay-soos!! this is hilarious!!! it was like watching DANIEL mc-whatever his name was from high school! arrrhahahahah! ... [*clears phlegm from throat from ridonkulous hard laughing*] .. k, so - side note - that devon girl is STUNNING! she should seriously model...and tell her i hate her..ugh..stupid pretty girls. hahahaha jk. awesome pics! she's sooo pretty!!! lurve you alibear! <3 whit