Monday, July 6, 2009

Kurt {senior}

When Tina contacted me to do Kurt's senior pictures, she gave me a wonderfully painted image of who he was.  I felt like I already knew him...I especially liked what she wrote about when someone would ask him why he was wearing two different shoes, he would reply, "Why not?"

Kurt and his family were so excited for his pictures and I just fed off of it.  It's the best thing in the world when your clients completely trust you to "do your thang."  My hubby was excited to tag along and snag a few shots too.

Kurt loves to read, he plays trumpet and guitar AND he and Frank Sinatra are tight.   He wanted me to incorporate these things into his pictures...which was a good challenge for me as I haven't worked with many props before.  He also is very environmentally aware.  He has these neat shoes that are made from old cool!  



We saw this trash can that had the word "love" ...Went with his shirt nice..."Peace&Love"








This is an image that Kurt's dad had.  It was a vintage photo of a man who was hiking with all his stuff...banjo and all.  The man couldn't remember if he had just walked a little way's from the next town or some crazy amount of miles....across the country.  Anyway, dad wanted me to try to get the same look...I think it turned out cool :)

*edited to add:  I'm not sure if this is illegal...if it is please someone let me know b/c I can't find the answer by googling...anyway...I do NOT claim to have taken this next image.  It is just the page from the magazine that Kurt's dad wanted me to try.  The photographer is in fact the man in the picture.  He took it himself according to the article :)  It's a downright awesome picture...


 End of disclaimer.  :)


My silly husband...



  1. Ali! these are so awesome, I love the one with the books all around him, you did awesome with his props girl! :) He's gonna love these I bet! cool shoe shot too! :) Ali Brown rocks!

  2. oh and that black and white close up is dreamy!! love it!!

  3. Ali!! I love all these pics sooo much!!! We are all so pleased with how well they all turned out! You nailed it on the pic with Kurt leaning against the road sign. OMG! The black and white with his trumpet is incredible! And the books! Amazing! Thank you soo much!

  4. Super cool photo shoot!!!! Love the b&w on with the sax (I think that's what it is)!! They are all really awesome though! So creative! You rock!!

  5. I really like how you incorporated his love for reading! So creative, AlI!