Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby *M*

This little girl did not want to wait for me...Her mamma and I were so excited about the birth session but while I was in Florida, she just had to make an appearance...early!  So here she is in all her new baby skin glory.  She was wide awake too...wouldn't sleep a wink for us ;)  I have a feeling that nothing is going to stop her in this world.  You've got big things ahead for you sweet baby...







  1. What a cute baby! your cocoon looks great as well. I have on for you if you want to look at it. I have three different colors. I am having fun finnishing your hats. You can contact me anytime to get what I have done for you. Or I can give them to Ann, since I know she sees you a lot. I love looking at your pictures they are so beautiful. I wish we were going to be around when our new little one comes into the world, but alas we will be across the country

  2. Such an adorable little baby! You did an amazing job!