Saturday, January 10, 2009

She's alive!!!

After lots of prayer, patience and money, I finally have my computer back and all my files were retrieved!!!  I am WAY behind on orders and galleries so please bear with me as I try to get some photos on here from Christmas.  

I didn't take a single shot in Canada...that's was my vacation remember?  My sis took some fun point and shoot pictures though so maybe she'll be nice to me and send me some :)  

In the meantime, I would love it if everyone could take a little time and mosey on over to MeRa Koh's blog and vote for the Inspirational Objects Contest...woohoo!  My awesome friend Yvonne was chosen as one of the finalists for her ruby red slippers image.  I loved this image from the first time she posted it on her blog...the flare is so yummy!  Show her some love and vote.  

Thanks to everyone for your prayers during my computer's breakdown...I really needed peace because I about had a breakdown myself...hahaha.  Lesson learned..back up, then back up again...then back up one more time and keep those back ups at a different premise.  I will write more on what happened a little later...until then, have a great weekend!!!


  1. OK I'm going to admit I only back up twice, one is on my computer and the other is on an external hard drive. I should be better about it. Thanks for the love, hoping I can join you in the ranks of winner and new owners of LR2 on the mac (I got one btw - it's AWESOME)!