Saturday, January 17, 2009

I can't believe he's 5 !!!

It seems like not too long ago I was staring at this chubby little face...listening to the rubber-squeaking sound as slobbery gums munched  away at the helpless balloon animal:


Now my little punk is 5 years old!!!  He will be in school this year.  Wow.  Though I have impatiently waited for the day to come when I would celebrate my kid going off to school (totally selfish in thinking that I would be happier with one less kids needing me for everything), the reality is getting closer and a small hole is forming in my heart.  I might as well accept that I will not cope very well when my buddy goes to off to school.  He eventually won't need me to tie his shoes...but my hope is that he will still want my hugs and kisses when he can do everything else by himself.

He is so excited about his birthday and this is the year that we all will spend his birthday together with our little family.  No big party.  No crazy kids running 'round.  Just us four, telling Ashton about the day he was born and how thankful we are to have him in our lives.  

Happy Birthday Ash!  I love you so stinkin' much!!!  Love, your Mommy


  1. Happy Birthday Ashton!
    School never gets easier...each year I feel panic when he goes out the door and I am no longer in his reach. You can do it though- each stage has fears and blessing that stretch you as well as give you joy!

  2. happy birthday sweet boy! you have the most amazing family! i'm glad you were able to celebrate it together in an intimate way this year. how memorable...

    you are absolutely adorable.