Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Day After Stuffing Yourself Day!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!  You know every year I always anticipate folks asking me what I am doing for Turkey Day.  I have come to terms that the reason I hope for this question is secretly I want them to invite me over to their BIG Thanksgiving dinners.  A full house of chaos and a steroid loaded turkey always seems so wonderful since my family is spread throughout the country and now even meandering into the Canadian frontier.  

Not this year!  I was SO blessed to have both my sis and mom come visit me for Thanksgiving.  (I missed ya daddy but I know you had work to do)  It was not only my sweet little family of four but my two longest girl friends!  I was a little bummed that Whit had to go home the day before Thanksgiving but still remained thankful that we could be together to decorate the house for Christmas...yes, I did it early this year because she hasn't decorated in SO long!  I need to get some pictures of our trees...she did a gorgeous plum, black and silver tree, I did a peacock themed tree for the living room, and I also had decorated a shabby chic tree for the girls in their guest room as a surprise to get them in the holiday mood.  I wasn't trying to pass over Thanksgiving but it was something that we could do together that we haven't done in a VERY long time...which in turn made me extremely grateful.

Because we were together again I asked if Dave could take our picture...we haven't had any professional pictures taken since we were like 12.  So, we put on our funky scarves, braced ourselves for the chilled wind and pretty much laughed the whole time.  Dave got one really great shot of us and I just think it's so neat to see how much my sister and I have grown.  If you could see the last picture of us three, you would see the still spiral curly headed mamma with her two girls that she made get a gypsy layer cut.  Maybe you don't want to see hair cut growing up was hideous complete with the "an animal laid down and died on top of my head" my opinion...but my mamma loved it.  

Now, my sis and I are both married and choosing our own hairstyles but we will always have our memories of Thanksgivings past.  These make me thankful because I have the greatest blessing...a family who loves me...



  1. Such a beautiful family!!! When is fair game for you to take our pictures?? After December 1st still?? I can't wait! We want to make some of then Christmas gifts, so I assume we are on track, right? Call me and let me know. :)

  2. You look like a couple of supermodels. Absolutely gorgeous!