Friday, October 3, 2008

When you have to sign in...

You know it's been WAY to long to blog.  Yea, Google forgot about me because I haven't posted anything in awhile.  Whoops.  Guess I could blame it on my not being up to par yet, but I won't.  Frankly, I've been just downright lazy.


OK.  I'm better now.  I have to talk about this man though.  He was there when I first came into this world...he calls me his "blue-eyed girl."  And he always harasses me when say...I forget it is his birthday first thing in the morning.  Go ahead...I know you want to.  Say I'm a horrible daughter.  Today is my dad's birthday and I KNEW that.  I have been running it over in my mind all week.  "Don't forget Dad's birthday is this week."  So what do I do when I roll out of bed this morning?  

Dial the number.  Daddy - "Hello." Me - "Hey Dad is mom there with her cell phone?" Dad- "She's here and you can talk to her on this don't want to talk to me?"  Me - "Well, I haven't talked to her all week.  I have been trying to get ahold of her."  Dad - (Here's the gut wrencher) "Well, I thought you would want to talk to me seeing as it's my birthday but she is" 

Uh huh...I did it alright.  Then I was like, "NO NO NO I KNEW it was your birthday today and I just rolled out of bed and and and..."  Nothing could dig me out of this one.  So, after he harassed me about it...I think this is something he enjoys...I bust out into tears.  I can't believe I forgot his birthday.

Of course he was just teasing me and he says he wasn't hurt.  I believe him.  He knows that I'm in a busy state of life right now with two really busy boys, a growing business and a husband who's working up the ladder...He knows me.  And this is why I love him.  He has always known.  He taught me to fish, to hunt, he took care of me when I was sick with his home-made cold remedies.  I love my dad and today is his birthday...

Happy Birthday Daddy!  You are a wonderful father and I hope your day was a blast.  I love you.

Love, Your Blue-Eyed Girl


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  1. oh ali, that was so sweet, and you know your daddy is always teasing people, sometimes to a fault, like recently our neighbor nearly blew a heart pacemaker when daddy pretended to be the building inspector, he's just a kid you know deep down, love this picture of our you honey, you are precious to us have always made us so proud to say, "hey, that's our daughter!" God bless you honey....momma