Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I WON!!!

Yay!  After many votes and time to count them all, it was announced today on Me Ra's blog that I won the Water Photo Contest!  


It is so nice to have a surprise like this after all the weird stuff that has been happening lately.  From my poor chicken to our orphaned squirrel to me being sick for almost a week straight...it gives me something to smile about :)  

I am trying to rest and get better but my boys are making it hard for me to do so.  It's like they know Mamma doesn't feel good.  I discovered a chunk of random hair on my bathroom floor...yes, my youngest found some scissors and decided that he needed a hair cut.  Thankfully I can make it look "blended" but goodness.  The things these boys will do to keep me wired so I can't rest.  I guess moms don't get sick days...should have read that part over more carefully before I signed up.  

So what am I doing to get better?  Lots of fluids, lots of medication and cough drops and finally, lots of movies.  I finally gave in and let the TV babysit for a bit.  My kiddos don't get to watch alot of TV because I think they should use their imagination and play...that's what I did as a kid.  So, I don't feel so bad doing this so I can rest and get better.  

I haven't forgotten about my children's studio stuff.  In fact I have a funny story about that...funny now...I was irate then:

I went to the Antique mall to look for a chair.  It's so frustrating to me that I can find the same chair down in GA that I would here but it would be 100 bucks less.  All their chairs are like 165 dollars...and they aren't even in that good of shape.  So, I ended up purchasing a 1940's vanity bench...someone had covered it in this cool orangy-red material and I couldn't resist.  So excited, I got home and immediately set up some of my material and plopped the bench in front.  I told the boys to take their shirts off and they were gonna be my guinea's again.  Now, I don't have a backdrop stand yet, so I was using some paint buckets....

Do you see where this is going?

Here's before:



And after:



Moral of the story...Ali needs to buy a backdrop stand...I spent about an hour scooping up paint with a Pampered Chef Spatula...I was able to recover almost the full gallon, but it's a little dirty. I don't know know if I'm gonna still use it for my living room or not. I dunno...

Parker looks so pitiful doesn't he? Well, I laugh about it now. Ok...gotta get some sleep so I can get better. Take care!!! And Thanks again if you voted for my photo! Ya'll are AWESOME!!!


  1. Congrats! You will LOVE Lightroom! Oh and I hope that paint was water-based! :)

  2. Congrats again on the photo contest! This is the first time I've looked through your blog and you're photos are lovely!!!

    We were so surprised to find that sterio - the last one that sold on ebay went for $600 and we found this one for $25! Crazy!

  3. ALI YOU WON!!! I just checked Me Ra's blog and saw your picture popup and I about peed my pants! Congratulations - it was the best picture after all :)

  4. well, i love my boys, please send them south for omi and papaw, and you can take a rest....
    did you get the paint cleaned up and hope the boys didn't get in trouble, omi loves her grandsons :)

  5. ALIIIIIIIIII! You go girl! I'm so proud of you!!! I have to admit though. I'm not surprised. Not at all. I knew you had that one in the bag. You're an incredible person and an even more awesomely awesome person. I want another Romarita date!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  6. Awesome... I knew you would get it!!!