Sunday, July 20, 2008

News Flash...I got a new flash!

After many liters of plasma, I have finally been able to save up and purchase my AlienBee flash unit.  I honestly didn't know what to do with it so I just stared at the cardboard boxes for awhile.  

Excited yet nervous I decided, "I guess I'll just have to try it out."  Has anyone else been here?  So, I put it together and being a little man brained didn't read the directions.  I figured it out just fine by myself thanks.  After a bit of bribing I was able to get my children to pose yet again for me.  I can only imagine what my neighbors across the street were thinking as poofs of light randomly emitted from my windows.  

I have been so super busy working my day job full time this last week.  I have to work a full week next week too.  I will be so happy when I can get back to my regular scheduled programming...

I'm on the hunt now.  Babies.  I want fresh babies.  I am so excited to start photographing newborns I can just see their little wrinkled feet right if you know anybody who has a newborn and wants some photos please let me know.  I would love to try some children's stuff too.  

Until I get a hot bun out of the oven, here are my own offspring.  Oh yeah, I am trying out this awesome new thing where my pictures are awesomely bigger...what do you think???


playing peek-a-boo


not quite sure why this one is so pixelated...hmmm



i just absolutely LOVE his expression in this one :)



i love my boys!!!


  1. I am working on it Ali... I talked to Rich and he has no problem with you taking pictures of the babe when it some time around January 17th..... I cant wait.

  2. i love my grand-boys
    may i please have a picture, i have been asking nicely for many full moons now?????
    i love these shots,
    i love my grand-boys
    oh yea i already said that,
    i love my grand-boys,