Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's alive!!!

My website that is...so if you wanna check it out (because it's totally awesome) my website is:

I am so tired from all the website stuff last night.  Or should I say this morning.  To be honest I didn't remember all that I did to it until today.  I admit...I've been looking at it quite a bit.  

Thank you bludomain for everything!  You guys rock! 

On a different note, I have been thinking alot lately about my day job.  For any new peeps that didn't know, I'm a Certified Pharmacy Technician by day...Monday, Tuesday and Fridays to be exact.  So that leaves me with the evenings, Wednesday,Thursday and Saturdays to pursue the fun job.  

My photography.  

But while I would LOVE to "quit my day job" and focus fully on my business (and have more time with my kids), I can't.  I have to help out a little.  

My poor husband also has two jobs...but way more physically demanding (he works construction by day and freight team by night)...while during the day I am mentally and emotionally exhausted from work, David is physically tired.  He goes to work at 7:45 in the morning, picks up the kids from Daycare around 5.  Then he does a couple "honey-do's" and after a quick shower, a quick bite to eat and maybe 30 minutes of veg time, he precedes onto the next job of lifting huge crates to dangerous heights...until he finally gets home a little after midnight.  Then  7 hours later...repeat the cycle.  Monday through Friday.  

Thank goodness we have our weekends together.  I feel like I never see him until mid Saturday rolls around.  

Dave has expressed a sincere excitement for wanting to be my second shooter.  I don't know if he's just following the footsteps of many other women photographer's spouses, but I actually love the idea.  What we need to happen first though is a way for both of us to quit one of our  two jobs.  How do we do this?  Oh I'm so glad you asked...
You see, Dave has wanted an apprenticeship to a heating/plumbing/air shop for awhile.  He love's working with his hands and he does an excellent job at anything.  In fact, he is almost done with the chicken coop he made for my girls (chickens) and it looks good enough for me to camp in.  It has roof shingles and everything!

If he got this dream job, he would work less hours, get paid more AND his GI Bill would kick in.  The government would pay him to learn his trade.  What does this equate for me...I then could quit my day job and focus on my photography.  So it's a win win....win (as Michael Scott would say) situation.  

So, if you ever think about us, would you say a prayer...that we would walk in God's perfect will for our lives.  We both are so tired and are ready for a change for the better.  But in everything (even the yucky times) I know there is a reason why we go through the things we do.  So we can learn to be content in EVERY situation..."I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me."  

Love you all!!!


  1. what a wonderful legacy of hard work paying off, i know it is hard for davelee but these jobs i know are building his character, you guys are young and you will glean so much wisdom from these difficult days, just look to the treasure within - Holy Spirit - the umpire of peace, and if he blows the whistle and your peace is disturbed then stop what you are doing or what you might want to do and WAIT - but if you get the unction to go forward and you have your inner peace - then go for it the - HOLY SPIRIT is the FAITHFUL UMPIRE to direct you into success...He will never allow you to fail....because He is the gift given to us by the finished work of JESUS to prosper us in this life, to give us peace and victory, thus blessing us TO BE A BLESSING....I am so proud of you both and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my Grandsons...

  2. Great site! I love it, book marked it and will be back to look some more. You rocked it! Be proud.