Saturday, June 14, 2008

...I'm so excited...

and I just can't hide it...remember that awesome 80's tune?  Well, that sums up my feelings right now.  I just want to squeal for joy...all night I was dreaming of things, places, ideas for my next victim...I found her yesterday.

So, I was getting a bit discouraged that I wasn't as big as say Jasmine Star in a week.  You know. You get a thought into your head, a dream in your heart, and then...nothing.  Like, folks didn't care that I was stepping out to pursue my love of photography.  But it's not that ya'll don't just don' t know.

You don't know my style, you haven't seen many images....and that's mainly because I just started...duh Ali, get with it.  But anyway, I still was discouraged.  So I was on this website of some fun and funky photographers who posted a blog about how they got started.  One thing that they said that really changed my attitude was that no one is going to seek me out.  I have to get out there myself, get dirty and find clients.  I was going to have to do some freeby jobs to build my portfolio.  Not all free mind you, just stuff that I wanted people to be able to look at pretty quick into me getting into it.

Sooooo....I decided that I really want to be able to have some maternity and newborn images on my site...for when I finally launch it.  (It's gonna happen folks...I just have to come up with 300 buckaroos to launch it-don't worry it will be worth it...looks super awesome) back to my story...sorry for the  bunny yesterday after dropping the kids off at daycare I started my hunt...the perfect belly.  I usually have about an hour or so until I have to go to work so with a belly in mind, I grabbed some 'Bucks and headed to my first destination.  Where else would be an awesome place to find a belly?  Well, the OBGYN of course!  To my arrival at the clinic, NO BELLIES!  Just a cute thin girl who, if was pregnant, needed about 9 more months of cooking in order for her belly to be ready.  

Ok...plan B.  I then headed to Target to see if there were any in the maternity or baby sections...nope.  So, you can imaging by this time I was SUPER oober discouraged because I WAS trying to get out there and be daring to find me a client to bless.  and in return she would bless me.  

So, I gave up, and headed to my friend Charlotte's office.  I hadn't talked or seen her in what felt like ages and I had a little more time left before work.  Five flights of stairs later - elevators were down - I see my Charlie at the top.  We talked and I showed her I was "official" because of my business card, we talked about some options for doing her portrait, and then I explained my story from that morning and just laughed at myself.  She apologized for the bad morning and we continued talking.  I was all this time out of breath and she said, "I know the elevators are down and we were wondering......" GASP!  "Wondering what?"  says I.  "I didn't even think about this, but the lady who works next store is just about to have her baby!"  (By the way, the unfinished sentence a few up is that Charlie was wondering how the pregnant lady did on all those stairs)  She added, "And she's a cute too."  

We went next store, and Charlotte asked for the "pregnant lady."  *Geez Charlie I at least thought you knew her name ;-)*  Out comes this beautiful blonde who's all belly.  The best part is that I didn't have to wait for her to get bigger...she's due in a month!  Her name:  Tiffany.

I introduced myself and asked her if she would be willing to let me photograph her and her amazing belly/family free of charge to use in my portfolio...she about cried...apparently, she and her friend at the front desk had been talking about getting some "belly pictures" done but weren't impressed with any places in town.  I gave them my card, showed some of my work off my ipod and they both were so excited. 

So, tonight at 7pm I get the honor of capturing this time in Tiffany's life.  I don't think it was coincidence either...I think that it was destiny...when I wasn't looking, the perfect subject kind of found me...

so, stay tuned for a sneak peak of the maternity session...


  1. You'll be there in no time! Keep rocking! :)

  2. Now it's just a matter of time before you're blowing everyone out of the water with your images! :)